4 Responses to “what ‘cha think?”

  1. 1 Chris

    I better be quick i don’t want Kaye to see this and get any ideals. Looks great, good luck…

  2. 2 Wes

    This feedback is for the latest version of your logo. Great color scheme and business name. However, I think there are too many fonts, which makes the logo have less impact. Try no more than two fonts. I think the fonts for “Pinstripe” and “Paws” should be the same.

    Taglines should sum up what you’re selling, so the tagline “For the pampered pet” might be changed to “Accessories for the pampered pet”, that way customers know exactly what you sell just by looking at your logo. Maybe the tagline font could be more sophisticated, like a fancy curvy font, suggesting royalty and such. You know, people love their pets, and they do want to pamper them.

    Here’s an idea for your future website. Have a place where people can upload photos of their pets wearing the accessories that they purchased from you. Call it something like “Pinstripe Paw Neighborhood” or “The Paw Community”. Maybe have a once-a-month drawing for a prize for the best photo, and have people vote on the photos.


  3. 3 Adrian

    I like the logo. Do you sell pets?

  4. Thank you for all the feedback. We’ve gone back to designing and have a few more ideas, one I posted the other day.

    It’s funny how this is normally so easy to design a logo for marketing clients I had inthe past and now I seem to be hitting a road block since it’s my baby.

    The feedback is appreciated and we’re excited to have your support as we start the business. Have a great weekend.

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