free doggie bandana


So football season has started and we were super excited to watch the University of Florida Gators play today and win!

In honor of their win today, we’re giving away 3 UF Gator doggie bandanas to 3 people who post comments on our blog with their favorite college team (hopefully the Gators!) and your dog’s neck

Tyler's favorite team is the Gators!

Tyler's favorite team is the Gators! Who's your favorite college or NFL football team?

measurement in inches.

We’ll select 3 random comment posts (already have the lucky numbers selected) to receive a free dog bandana. Check back to see who were the lucky winners and how to receive your prize if you’re one of the lucky 3!

Remember, you need to post your favorite college team AND your dog’s neck size to be eligible to win.

Good luck! And go Gators!

Check our flickr account for more photos.


10 Responses to “free doggie bandana”

  1. 1 Adrian

    I don’t have a dog does that disqualify me?

  2. Nope. You can give it to someone who does have a dog. Take a guess at their dog’s size – extra small, small, medium, large, or extra large and you can give them a little something for football season, should you be one of the lucky winners!

  3. 3 Mongo Joyce

    I love the gators t-shirt my mom bought. It is too small so I wear it like a jacket. My neck is 21 inches around. I love that you are getting into dog fashion my mom and dad have been too busy to let me get on the computer to congratulate you though. Plus I am still trying to get over my snakebite I have been very ill. Starting to feel better now I get grilled liver twice a day now my anemia! I’m so spoiled.

  4. 4 Monty Werley

    My sister always gets to go first b/c she is the oldest but I want that bandana for myself. My neck is 13 inches around. I’m a dog on the go and I have real showmanship when I dance and I think that I could sell the hell out of this bandana if you let me win. Plus I am the gators #1 fan it says it on my jersey. Nice job on the new doggie clothing line tyler looks so nice. Gotta go I’m going to get mom and dad to take me on a walk.

  5. 5 Chris

    My dogs name is Kaye, do you have scented bandanas because he is a bit stinky, and both of our favorite team is the Gators, our beleoved Gators…

  6. 6 Danielle

    Those are so cute! And I got to say… That model is really sportin it up and showin it off! Kudos

  7. 7 Susan

    This is discriminating against all those Kitty Gator Fans! 😉 Cats love the Gators too you know!

  8. 8 January

    This is so very awesome! Lots of Kudos! Any chance there will be a GA bandanna soon? I am soooo kidding!

  9. Don’t kid! We’ll have red and black bandanas and you can select different fabric options. We have a cute red with tiny white polka dots with a black border. It’s super cute. So yes, we’ll have some GA styles.

  1. 1 And the winners are…. « pinstripe paws’ blog

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