When I was young I had visions of working at Sea World (afraid of killer whales) and also being a vet (can’t stand the sight of surgeries) and those dreams didn’t pan out. But the one dream that continues to stay with me is my love for animals.

I recently came across an abandoned cat in our neighborhood. There are quite a few roaming around but

Lily needs a home

Lily needs a home

this cat was different because she was so friendly. She was pregnant so she needed some love and more importantly food and water. My neighbors and I have been taking care of her and keeping an eye on her. Wednesday after work, she started going into labor. She had built this elaborate house out of a sea grass bush and there she was, curled up and ready to have babies.

Later that night we spotted 2 kittens, but we knew that there were 4 from x-rays taken at the vet the Saturday before. The next morning she hadn’t had the other 2 kittens, or did she? We weren’t sure so I took her into the vet.

Sure enough an hour later the x-ray showed that she still had the other two. So we agreed to a very expensive surgery. Later that night I was able to pick up the mom cat, aka Lily, and her 4 new babies. She’s doing well and now inside living in my sunroom temporarily. She’s also been spayed, so I’m relieved that she will not go through having another litter of kittens again.

Miss Lily and her baby kittens are looking for great homes!

Miss Lily and her baby kittens are looking for great homes!

I’ve realized that my love for animals will always be with me. And I have realized that I can’t save all the stray cats and dogs in the world, but by helping Lily and her babies, she’ll find a great home and live lifewith someone that will look after her, as she so deserves.

She’s doing well and taking great care of her babies. If you’re interested in one of the kittens and/or miss Lily, please let me know. They will be ready to go to their forever homes in about 6 to 8 weeks.

As part of this continuing effort to give back to animals through our business, Pinstripe Paws, we plan to donate a portion of our proceeds to local animal shelters. Stay tuned for some exciting news we’ll announce next week.


So football season has started and we were super excited to watch the University of Florida Gators play today and win!

In honor of their win today, we’re giving away 3 UF Gator doggie bandanas to 3 people who post comments on our blog with their favorite college team (hopefully the Gators!) and your dog’s neck

Tyler's favorite team is the Gators!

Tyler's favorite team is the Gators! Who's your favorite college or NFL football team?

measurement in inches.

We’ll select 3 random comment posts (already have the lucky numbers selected) to receive a free dog bandana. Check back to see who were the lucky winners and how to receive your prize if you’re one of the lucky 3!

Remember, you need to post your favorite college team AND your dog’s neck size to be eligible to win.

Good luck! And go Gators!

Check our flickr account for more photos.

Our LLC has been approved!  So now onto a few other filings now that this is in hand.  It’s been a productive week.

Are you wondering which business structure is right for you and your business?  Check out this business formation chart.  It was very helpful.

Decorating with cats

Decorating with cats

Notice how nicely the pictures bring out the texture of the cat?

Notice how nicely the pictures bring out the texture of the cat?

This week has been a busy one, so I’m excited to have a 3 day weekend to focus on getting many things done for Pinstripe Paws. I love the challenge of a new project, but there are some things that I tend to put off—the not so fun projects.

Getting a basic eCommerce store up and running requires a lot of work, copy, policies, and other things to be thought through. So that is taking a bit of time. But this weekend, it’s on! I’m going to sit down and focus on a few items related to the web store and the extra day will help. Not to mention working on creating a good set of inventory items for the pet accessory line we’re launching when the website goes live, we’ve been very busy.

Be brave enough to live creatively. —Alan Alda

On a fun note, and an item that was NOT on my list, I ordered some snazzy little cards from Moo.

Rachel Cave MiniCards

I love these!

I can’t wait to get these in my grubby little hands! They are so fun.

We just prepared our documents for our LLC, so we’re excited to get the official word that we’re ready to do business. We should know in 5 days if our LLC name is approved. Let’s hope so!

As always, you can keep in touch with us and our activities here. We have many exciting things we’ll be rolling out over the next few months. We can barely wait to get things up and running!

Pinstripe Paws Button

Pinstripe Paws Button

In addition to our blog we’re also on MySpace and have created a button for you to show your support on your online pages. Be our friend, keep coming back, and we’ll keep you updated.

We’re still working out the details on our logo and branding, but for now, this cute little button will work! We have created a few logos and can’t seem to decide on one. So look for a few here and we’d love your feedback!

So many ideas, so little time!

To place this button anywhere online, cut and paste this code:

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